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Verification of Reviews

Verification of Reviews

The Gentlemen's Company Germany GmbH (hereinafter "Gentlemen's") uses Judge.me as an independent review system. Judge.me has taken various measures in its review system to ensure that the published reviews only come from consumers who have actually used or purchased the goods (hereinafter "verified reviews"). Verified reviews are identified as such by a special highlighting.

How does Judge.me ensure that the reviews are genuine?

Technical measures:

Judge.me uses various technical measures to ensure that email invitations to submit reviews are only sent to those email addresses that were used to complete a purchase.

Buyers receive a review invitation from Judge.me after completing their order. Via the link in the e-mail, a review can be submitted for the purchase actually made.

Within the scope of the automated invitation dispatch, the customer's e-mail address is transferred via API to Judge.me for sending an invitation e-mail. This technically ensures that an invitation to submit a review is only sent to the email addresses that were used to make the purchase.

Manual measures:

Further manual measures are taken to ensure that only those customers who have also purchased the product submit reviews.

To ensure that the authenticity of the review and its legitimacy can be verified, the reviews cannot be submitted anonymously. The e-mail address through which the purchase was made always serves as a verifiable reference for the review submission.

In the event of anomalies or indications that suggest that the review is not based on experience, despite the above-mentioned technical measures, proof of the legitimacy of the review submitted will be requested and checked accordingly. If the requested evidence cannot prove the purchase of the goods or the use of the services, the reviews will be deleted.

Notes on special cases:

Reviews via QR code

For some products, we inform our customers via a brochure that comes with the product that they are welcome to rate the product on our website. To do this, customers scan a QR code on the brochure and can then write a review. Unfortunately, we cannot uniquely assign these reviews to a purchase and therefore cannot guarantee that the reviews come from consumers who have actually purchased the goods. Therefore, only "verified reviews" are marked as such. However, the vast majority of the existing reviews are "verified reviews", which were uniquely identified and submitted via invitation email.